We will guide you to replace the bad habit of smoking with good habits and rituals over the period of our 7 day program. In precare our team will give you a flavour of this.
At stopsmokingholidays the facilitators will introduce you to these healthy ways and if practiced in a diligent way and over a long period we would be quite confident one would quit smoking for ever. Over the 14 days we will feed you with guidelines to get one started on the right road.

Precare will commence when you sign up and agree with the rules and regulations on the contract page…of stopsmokingholidays.com and forward to us a 50% deposit.

Mark Twains comment about stopsmoking: “To cease smoking is the easiest thing he said, I’ve done it a thousand times”

To be successful you need to more than just quit.

You need to stay that way.