It has been proven scientifically that if male adults quit smoking they can prolong their life span by 13.2 years and female adults by 12.4 years.
Most importantly one can in latter years enjoy a relatively life free of heart disease, cancer, emphysema and other problems due to this addiction.

In Thailand, in a survey carried out recently 45.7% of smokers smoke at home.
According to research 300 out of 700 hundred children of various age were found to have toxic substances from cigarettes in their urine as a result of parents smoking at home.

The statistics reveal cigarettes kill around six million people a year worldwide, which includes more than 600,000 non smokers who are exposed to second hand smoking.

“Your Health Is Your Wealth”

In Europe and America the average pack of top end brand cigarettes is approx 10 euro or 12 dollars. If one smokes 2 packs a day over a year there spend is 7,120 euro or 8,500 dollars. Multiply that 15 years the total outlay is 106,800 euro or 126,000 dollars.
Most governments are increasing taxes every year on cigarettes. So on average over 25 years in Europe and America, take a 2 pack a day smoker at approx 15 euro or 18 dollars a pack. There future spend over that period is astonishingly 267,000 euro or 315,000 dollars. One could pay cash for a 3 bed-roomed house with that sum of money.
Cigarettes in Thailand are relatively cheaper averaging 100 baht per higher brand for a 20 pack.
If one calculates, stopping the addiction on a 2 pack a day smoker over the next 25 years on average at 150 baht per pack. The outlay is still very high at 2,700,000 baht or 69,000 euro or 81,000 dollars. One could buy a 3 bed-roomed house in most parts of Thailand with this money saved.
“Money Makes The World Go Round”